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What Are the Benefits of Miswak?

There are a lot of benefits of Miswak. Miswak has physical benefits, as well as social and spiritual benefits if you are Muslim. But you don’t have to be Muslim to enjoy using Miswak. The primary purpose of this article is to focus on how Miswak benefits your teeth.

miswakThe Muslims believe that Miswak is important for spirituality. They say that it sharpens memory, cures headaches, and strengthens eyesight and digestion. Personally, I have not experienced these things yet. But I have used Miswak to help whiten my teeth, strengthen my enamel, and get rid of  cavities. One benefit for me personally is that it has made my teeth white. Before I started using Miswak, I had yellowish teeth. I thought that the discoloration was permanent. Even when I used teeth whitening toothpaste, and brush my teeth twice a day, I still couldn’t get rid of the discoloration. It has only been about a month since I switched to using Miswak, and my teeth are a lot whiter. I have been very impressed at how well it works.

scared of dentistMiswak helps to strengthen weak teeth. When you go to a dentist, they use a device called a pointer and they poke holes in soft parts of your teeth. They do this in order to find out where your tooth enamel is soft. The soft areas are likely to turn into cavities. After they have penetrated the surface with their pointers, it is almost certain to turn into a cavity. It is better just try and strengthen these areas naturally. Once you have a cavity, your tooth is permanently damaged. It can’t get better, but it can only get worse.

Most dentists will recommend that you should have soft spots removed and filled. That, however is a big mistake. Fillings only last for 8 to 10 years. Every time it has to be taken out and removed, the hole that contains the filling has to be enlarged. Most of the time, even if you have soft enamel, you can strengthen your enamel just by using Miswak. It helps to strengthen soft parts on your teeth. It also strengthens gums. Using Miswak on a regular basis can help prevent tooth decay.

miswak stickOne of the other important benefits of Miswak is that it helps to get rid of toothaches. It has properties that are anti-bacterial and help to get rid of bacteria that cause cavities. I had two cavities in my mouth when I started chewing on Miswak. After about two weeks of chewing on a Miswak stick, I was amazed that my cavities went away. My teeth got whiter, and my gums got stronger. The best way to take care of toothaches is to chew on Miswak. Going to the dentist doesn’t get rid of the problem of having weak teeth enamel. Chewing on Miswak does. It is a great way to fix the problem.

Miswak helps to get rid of bad breath. Most of the time, that breath is caused by bacteria building up in your mouth. Miswak will kill bad breath bacteria. It will also help increase the circulation of your saliva. Miswak also has a strong flavor to it which gives your breath a nice fragrance.