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How to Reverse Cavities and Tooth Decay

Is It Possible to Reverse Tooth Decay?

Is it really possible to reverse tooth decay? A lot of dentists and dental professionals will tell you it is not possible to reverse tooth decay. They will tell you tooth decay is inevitable. Once you get a cavity in your mouth, the only way to get that thing it fixed is to have it drilled out and replace with a filling. If this were true, than getting cavities would be inevitable. Eventually your mouth would be full of cavities and feelings a matter what you do. Of course, this isn’t true. Learning how to reverse cavities and reverse tooth decay can save you from having to make a lot of unnecessary dental appointments and can literally save you thousands of dollars.

There is a secret about your teeth your dentist doesn’t want you to know. That secret is that cavities are 100% preventable. You don’t even need a dentist if you do a few simple things every day to help prevent cavities and cure tooth decay.

It’s possible to reverse tooth decay and reverse cavities. The first thing you need to do as part of this process is to kill bacteria growing inside of the cavity. There are a lot of different ways you can do this naturally. Anything from colloidal silver, to using a Miswak stick, to using garlic, will provide you with natural anti-bioties you need to kill the bad bacteria that are decomposing your tooth.

My favorite method of reversing cavities is to use a Miswak stick.It is easy to chew on a Miswak for 20 min. a day. This can help you to get rid of your cavities. In just a matter of a week or two, your cavities should shrink and very quickly. The Miswak can kill the infection, and then you will just need to remineralize your teeth and grow back part of your enamel. If you have a severe cavity, you should probably consider going to the dentist.

Killing bacteria is the easy part. Reversing tooth decay and cavities is slightly harder. Another thing a dentist won’t tell you is what really causes cavities. They my attempt to tell you it is plaque and bacteria that cause cavities to develop. This is only a small part of the real problem. Most of the time cavities are caused by weak tooth enamel. When you have weak teeth, your teeth are far more susceptible and will get cavities know matter how much you brush and floss.

There are a lot of different ways to help free mineralized your teeth. One way that works for almost everyone is to change your diet and start eating more healthy foods. You want to avoid foods that cause a lot of acids to be left on your teeth. Avoid sugars, and rinse your mouth out after eating them. This will keep your teeth healthy and strong.

Try and get the best nutrition you can. Having the best nutrition will help your teeth to three mineralized themselves, and have everything they need to heal cavities naturally and reverse tooth decay.

It is possible to reverse tooth decay and reverse cavities. For more detailed information on how to cure cavities and on natural remedies that can reverse tooth decay for your specific situation, visit preventing cavities.com

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