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What is an Organic Toothbrush?

miswakEven 6,000 years ago, Miswak was used across the Babylonian Empire as an organic toothbrush. Miswak is another word for organic toothbrush. It can come from a Peelu tree, an olive tree, or a walnut tree. Back then, they didn’t have dentists, but they did have organic chewing sticks. Organic chewing sticks are a great way to strengthen your teeth, your gums, and also kill bacteria that cause cavities and bad breath.

When I first got my organic toothbrush, I had three areas in my mouth that really hurt. Two of them were cavities, and one was a place where my gums hurt. The good news is that my two cavities are completely gone, and so is the pain that I was feeling in my gums. Organic toothbrushes rock! I have tried to get rid of cavities by brushing my teeth and guess what? It has never worked for me. On the other hand, an organic chewing stick works wonders. If more people used organic chewing sticks, dentists would become an obsolete profession.

Miswak is the Swahili word for toothbrush. We have adopted it in our culture to describe any toothbrush that is made from a stick or twig. Organic toothbrushes can help to strengthen your gums, fight tooth decay and cavities. The fewer fillings you have, the better it will work. Most of the time when tooth fillings are inserted, the dentist takes out the living part of your tooth and replaces it with inorganic material. Only natural teeth are able to heal themselves completely.

The great thing about an organic toothbrush is that it does not require you to use any tooth paste. If you’re sensitive to fluoride, this could be a really big plus. My son ruined three of his front teeth by early exposure to fluoride. When children are young, they should not have any fluoride at all. Fluoride will weaken and destroy teeth that are developing. Here is a picture of my son’s mouth.

Do you notice how one of his teeth is completely destroyed by fluoride artificially placed in the water in Portland, Oregon? Also, he has three other teeth that are partially destroyed. Fluoride stains are also on several of the front teeth. When this happens to children, this is called Fluorosis. Adults can also develop Fluorosis, but it is more common in children because they have much thinner gum wall. For children, flouride is one of the worst things that you could put in your mouth.

cracked teeth

For adults, fluoride is a blessing and a cursing. It makes your enamel stronger on the outside, but it also makes it a lot more brittle. People can have acidic mouth caused from eating too much processessed flour and sugar. The benefit from fluoride is that it will harden the enamel. But over time, the acidity in the mouth will wear out the enamel regardless. If people continue to have acid in their mouth all the time, they are going to wear out their enamel no mater what.┬áIt is like a very short-term solution to a long-term problem. The downside of flouride is that they can also make your teeth more brittle. Brittle teeth are more likely to crack. Even in adults, fluoride isn’t really a very good solution. The reason why people use it today is because they can easily market and sell it.

Once people believed that fluoride is a solution, they will be addicted to buying and using toothpaste.

miswak chewing stickUsing an organic toothbrush is much more healthy than using an ordinary toothbrush with toothpaste. At this moment, I am using an organic toothbrush called a Miswak stick. I can not only brush with that, but I can also chew on it. When you chew on this stick, it helps to strengthen soft spots in your enamel. It makes them hard again. Once your enamel becomes hard, you are protected from getting cavities. Also, using an organic toothbrush is a great way to whiten your teeth naturally. Most of the time, when people use teeth whiteners that contain bleach, what it does is it eventually wears out your gums. People who use whiteners on a regular basis will not only have white teeth, but will have the roots of their teeth exposed also. Actually, it doesn’t really make your teeth very pretty at all. Another downside is that the damage caused by teeth whiteners is permanent. On the other hand, when you use an organic toothbrush like Miswak, you can whiten your teeth naturally, simply by chewing on the stick.