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Does Miswak Whiten Teeth?

miswak stickI strongly believe that Miswak whitens teeth. Before I started using Miswak, I suffered from having yellow teeth. I never really wanted to smile because I didn’t want people to see how yellow my teeth were. It was embarrassing. I wanted a white teeth pretty bad. I tried using toothpaste with whiteners in them. I tried brushing my teeth two times every day, but it didn’t help.

Using Miswak has made me want to smile a lot more. Miswak has made my teeth a lot whiter. I wish I had taken pictures of my teeth two months ago. If I had, you would see a stark contrast between what my teeth looked like before I started using Miswak, and what they look like now. My teeth still aren’t perfect, but if I keep using Miswak, they will be.

yellow teeth

Before I started using Miswak I had two areas in my mouth that had cavities. I had another area that had a sore gum. I didn’t eat any sweets because if I did, these areas of my mouth would start to hurt. I knew I was destined to go to the dentist fairly soon.

Fortunately, I found out about Miswak. When I started using it a few months ago, I would chew on the areas of my mouth where my teeth were the most sore. Now, my pain has all gone away. And I don’t believe I have a single cavity in my mouth after using Miswak.

Miswak is not just some fad all over the Internet. Miswak does really help clean teeth. The best part of it is that it does it naturally without using harmful chemicals.

Most artificial teeth whiteners actually strip the amount lost of your teeth. If you use them for a long time, they can damage your gums and even damage your roots permanently. It is not worth it to use whiteners when  these are going to be the results that you get. In addition, teeth whitening programs can be very expensive.

What Is the Cost of Using Miswak?

miswak for saleWhen you buy Miswak, you can get it delivered to your door for less than a dollar and fifty per stick. One Miswak will last you about a week. So the cost of using Miswak for a year is about $75. This is not much more than it would cost you to buy toothbrush and toothbrush heads. If you buy a dental floss and Listerine, using Miswak might even be cheaper.

Let’s compare the cost of using Miswak to the cost of not using it. The average person in America spends between $1,200 and $1,800 on their teeth per year. Once you get to be over 30, you start spending closer to $1,800 every year. The reason why older people spend more on their dental work is because they have more fillings that are falling out and need to be replaced. Also, once a filling comes out, you are likely to need a root canal if your tooth gets infected. Using Miswak will keep you from having to go to the dentist. Over the next 35 to 40 years, Miswak can save you over $60,000 on going to the dentist.

In addition, you will have teeth that are naturally white. With whiter teeth, you can feel confident and in control. Miswak does whiten teeth!