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Does Miswak Prevent Cavities?

Miswak is antibacterial and very effective at preventing cavities. The first way it helps prevent cavities is by killing harmful bacteria that cause cavities and tooth decay.

Using it on a regular basis helps cut down the amount of cavities you have in your mouth. When you get rid of plaque, you get rid of harmful acidic levels that can be produced when plaque combines with sugar or sorbital. Using Miswak prevents cavities because it increases blood flow to your teeth and encourages demineralization. Sometimes your teeth can get weak.

When the dentist checks your mouth and look for cavities, they use a tool called an explorer. They poke around to find weak areas in your tooth. Just because an area in your tooth is weak doesn’t mean you have a cavity. Actually only 25% of soft spots are infected by bacteria. The other 75% can heal themselves rapidly if you have a healthy diet and if you use Miswak on a regular basis. The most common mistakes dentist make is trying to repair teeth that can heal themselves naturally.

Once a filling is in your mouth, it replaces the living tissue of your tooth with inorganic material. The best way to fix teeth in your mouth is to allow them to heal themselves naturally.

Chewing on Miswak sticks is a great way to strengthen the enamel on your teeth and fix soft spots. As you use your teeth to chew on the stick, it will strengthen your teeth and your roots. It will also increase saliva and blood flow. This helps to remineralize your teeth. Using miswak helps make your tooth enamel a lot stronger. Stronger tooth enamel is resistant to cavities.