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Oil Pulling and Your Oral Dental Health

For complete dental care, it is a good idea to pull with oil at least once a week. There are a lot of diseases and sicknesses that are transferred into your body through your mouth. Oil pulling helps get rid of toxins and harmful bacteria. It also helps you maintain a neutral pH and remineralize your teeth.

Oil pulling is completely natural and it is an effective way to get rid of excess bacteria and germs in your mouth. My wife read a book called The Coconut Oil Miracle. After she told me all about it, we decided we would try oil pulling together. I noticed almost immediately, my teeth got whiter. Also they seem to have less plaque on them and they felt a lot cleaner. I also noticed that some of the soft spots in my gums had started to return to normal.

You can do oil pulling with any source of fat. It works the same way soap works to clean your laundry. When you do your laundry, the germs in the dirt stick to the soap. When the soap is rinsed off, the germs and dirt go way. In your mouth, the germs and bacteria attach themselves to the fat in the oil. The advantage about oil pulling is that it does not give you a dry mouth like Listerine. In addition, it pulls out mucus and maces so that your immune system doesn’t have to deal with as many problems.

What are the advantages of Oil Pulling?

A lot of doctors and medical experts believe that your mouth is the window to your immune system. The best way to keep from getting sick is to not let harmful germs and bacteria into your body, by pulling with oil to help stop germs and bacteria at their source. I have tried oil pulling and it worked really well.

Oil pulling can help you have cleaner breath, can get rid of infections in your mouth, and strengthen your immune system and digestive track. As far as dental health is concerned, pulling with oil can help get rid of plaque, cold sores, and harmful bacteria. They can also help you to have whiter teeth.

For best results, oil pulling and brushing teeth with miswak will give you faster and better results. A miswak stick, like oil pulling, helps to fight cavities by hardening your teeth enamel, and also whitens teeth.