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How to Use Miswak Chewing Sticks?

The first time I learned how to use Miswak chewing sticks was an interesting experience.

miswak for saleI grew up in Africa, so I had the opportunity to see people use Miswak all the time. Mostly, our maids and our gardener would chew on Miswak sticks. I remember from the ages of 8 to 12, that I thought it was kind of weird for them to break branch off of a tree and start chewing on it. I didn’t realize that what they were doing was a lot more effective than me brushing my teeth. As a young boy, I thought a Miswak chewing stick was a cheap alternative to buying a toothbrush. Then I bought my first Miswak stick and I changed my mind entirely.

Toothbrushes are inorganic. There is nothing inside a toothbrush that can kill bacteria. Toothbrushes are designed to brush with, but you can’t strengthen your gums by chewing on your toothbrush. When you know how to use Miswak, it is different. You can brush, floss, and chew on it all at the same time. The advantage of doing this is that you are able to get a deep clean.

When you start using Miswak, it should be juicy. These juices are antibacterial. They kill bacteria that cause bad breath and the carrier that causes cavities. According to studies, even without coming into contact with the bacteria, the Miswak has killed it.

How to Use Miswak?

miswak stickWhen you get your Miswak, the first thing you want to do is open the package. If it is dry, you want to dampen it up. You can do this by allowing it to be fully immersed in water for 2 to 3 minutes. Once it is moist, you want to start by peeling back the first half to three-quarter inch of bark from one of the edges. Then, you’re going to want to chew on the bristles in order to soften them up. A fresh Miswak stick should not lose its bristles very easily.

When your Miswak bristles get loose, you should rub them across your teeth and also bite on them. Using Miswak is kind of the same way you would use a toothbrush. Only because it kills all the bacteria in your mouth, you don’t need to use toothpaste. A Miswak stick kind of resembles a paint brush. The bristles are a lot harder and this means it scrubs your teeth and get them clean. You can easily chew on Miswak while you’re watching a movie, reading a book, driving in a car, or while you’re at work. My favorite place to chew on Miswak is when I am driving. Muslims believe that chewing on Miswak also increases your alertness and your intelligence.

After you’re done chewing on your Miswak stick, make sure to put it back in its wrapper, or you are going to have to soak it again before using it.

The ideal size for Miswak is the span of your hand from the tip of your thumb to your pinky. You can keep on using the same Miswak stick until it is about 2 inches long. With the longer Miswak stick, it is easier to brush the back of your teeth and your molars.

Once you know how to use Miswak, you should brush with Miswak every day. But even if you only do it two or three times a week, you’re still going to have cleaner, whiter, and healthier teeth and gums than by brushing every day with a toothbrush.